JLPT N5 Grammar List

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は ~ : thì, là, ở

だけ (dake): only, just

だろう (darou): probably

で (de): at, in

でしょう (deshou): I think, probably

が (ga): but, however

がある (gaaru): there is (used for non-living things)

がいる (gairu): there is (used for living things)

ほうがいい (hou ga ii) 1: it’d be better to

ほうがいい (hou ga ii) 2: it’d be better to not

いちばん (ichiban): the most

か (ka) 1: or (A or B, choice between 2 objects)

から (kara) 1: because, since

から (kara) – 2: from

けれども (keredomo): but, although

くらい (kurai): about, approximately

まだ (mada): still, not yet

まえに (mae ni): before

ませんか (masen ka): let’s, won’t you

ましょう (mashou): let’s, shall we

も (mo) 1: also, too, as well

も (mo) 2: already, anymore

な (na): don’t do

ないでください (naidekudasai): please don’t

なる (naru): to become

に (ni): in, at

に (ni):  to, for

に/へ (ni/e): to

にいく (ni iku): to go in order to

にする (nisuru): to decide on

のがじょうず (no ga jouzu): to be good at

のがすき (no ga suki): like / love doing

のがへた (no ga heta): to be bad at

すぎる (sugiru): too much

たい (tai): want to

たことがある (takotogaaru): have done before

ている (teiru): is/are/am doing

てもいい (temo ii): is okay, is alright to, can

てから (tekara): after doing

てはいけない (tewaikenai): must not, may not

と (to): and, with

つもりだ: plan to, intend to

や (ya): and

より ~ のほうが ~ (yori ~ nohouga ~): is more ~ than

Trợ từ を

あまり~ない ~ : KHÔNG ~ LẮM

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