Từ điển tiếng Nhật : từ vựng N1(101~200)

101 現われ あらわれ embodiment, materialization
102 現われる あらわれる to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to express oneself
103 有難う ありがとう Thank you
104 有様 ありさま state, condition, circumstances, the way things are or should be, truth
105 有りのまま ありのまま the truth, fact, as it is, frankly
106 或る ある a certain…, some…
107 或いは あるいは or, possibly
108 彼此 あれこれ one thing or another, this and that, this or that
109 合わす あわす to join together, to face, to unite, to be opposite, to combine, to connect, to add up, to mix, to match, to
110 合わせ あわせ joint together, opposite, facing
111 慌ただしい あわただしい busy, hurried, confused, flurried
112 慌てる あわてる to become confused (disconcerted disorganized)
113 暗殺 あんさつ assassination
114 暗算 あんざん mental arithmetic
115 暗示 あんじ hint, suggestion
116 案じる あんじる to be anxious, to ponder
117 安静 あんせい rest
118 案の定 あんのじょう sure enough, as usual
119 余り あんまり not very (this form only used as adverb), not much, remainder, rest, remnant, surplus, balance, excess, rema
120 depending on
121 良い いい good
122 伊井 いい that one, Italy
123 いいえ no, nay, yes, well
124 いい加減 いいかげん moderate, right, random, not thorough, vague, irresponsible, halfhearted
125 言い訳 いいわけ excuse, explanation
126 家出 いえで running away from home, leaving home
127 家主 いえぬし landlord
128 如何 いかが how, in what way
129 生かす いかす to revive, to resuscitate, to make use of
130 いかずち thunder
131 如何に いかに how?, in what way?, how much?, however, whatever
132 如何にも いかにも indeed, really, phrase meaning agreement
133 怒り いかり anger, hatred
134 怒る いかる to get angry, to be angry
135 歪む いがむ to warp, to swerve, to deflect, to be crooked, to be distorted, to be bent, to incline, to slant, to be perv
136 いき chic, style, purity, essence
137 域外 いきがい outside the area
138 意気込む いきごむ to be enthusiastic about
139 経緯 いきさつ 1. details, whole story, sequence of events, particulars, how it started, how things got this way, 2. c
140 行き違い いきちがい misunderstanding, estrangement, disagreement, crossing without meeting, going astray
141 行き成り いきなり suddenly
142 異議 いぎ objection, dissent, protest
143 いく to come, to orgasm
144 いくさ war, battle, campaign, fight
145 いくさ war, battle, campaign, fight
146 育成 いくせい rearing, training, nurture, cultivation, promotion
147 幾多 いくた many, numerous
148 活ける いける to arrange (flowers)
149 異見 いけん different opinion, objection
150 意向 いこう intention, idea, inclination
151 移行 いこう switching over to
152 いざ now, come (now), well, crucial moment
153 いしぶみ stone monument bearing an inscription
154 衣装 いしょう clothing, costume, outfit, garment, dress
155 意地 いじ disposition, spirit, willpower, obstinacy, backbone, appetite
156 苛める いじめる to tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastise
157 移住 いじゅう migration, immigration
158 弄る いじる to touch, to tamper with
159 何れ いずれ where, which, who, anyway, anyhow, at any rate
160 異性 いせい the opposite sex
161 遺跡 いせき historic ruins (remains relics)
162 依然 いぜん still, as yet
163 依存 いそん dependence, dependent, reliance
164 委託 いたく consign (goods (for sale) to a firm), entrust (person with something), commit
165 悪戯 いたずら tease, prank, trick, practical joke, mischief
166 いただき (top of) head, summit, spire
167 戴きます いただきます expression of gratitude before meals
168 至って いたって very much, exceedingly, extremely
169 痛む いたむ to hurt, to feel a pain, to be injured
170 痛める いためる to hurt, to injure, to cause pain, to worry, to bother, to afflict, to be grieved over
171 炒める いためる to stir-fry
172 労る いたわる to pity, to sympathize with, to console, to care for, to be kind to
173 いち market, fair
174 位地 いち place, situation, position, location
175 一々 いちいち one by one, separately
176 一概に いちがいに unconditionally, as a rule
177 一見 いちげん unfamiliar, never before met
178 一言 いちげん single word
179 一日 いちじつ 1. one day, 2. first of month
180 一定 いちじょう fixed, settled, definite, uniform, regularized, defined, standardized, certain, prescribed
181 著しい いちじるしい remarkable, considerable
182 一同 いちどう all present, all concerned, all of us
183 一人 いちにん one person
184 一部 いちぶ 1. one copy e.g. of a document, 2. a part, partly, some
185 一部分 いちぶぶん a part
186 一別 いちべつ parting
187 一面 いちめん one side, one phase, front page, the other hand, the whole surface
188 一目 いちもく a glance, a look, a glimpse
189 一様 いちよう uniformity, evenness, similarity, equality, impartiality
190 一律 いちりつ evenness, uniformity, monotony, equality
191 一連 いちれん a series, a chain, a ream (of paper)
192 一括 いっかつ all together, batch, one lump, one bundle, summing up
193 一気 いっき drink!(said repeatedly as a party cheer)
194 一挙に いっきょに at a stroke, with a single swoop
195 一切 いっさい all, everything, without exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely
196 一心 いっしん one mind, wholeheartedness, the whole heart
197 いっそ rather, sooner, might as well
198 一帯 いったい a region, a zone, the whole place
199 一敗 いっぱい one defeat
200 一変 いっぺん complete change, about-face
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