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Từ điển tiếng Nhật : từ vựng N1(1~100)

No Kanji Hiragana English
1 嗚呼 ああ Ah!, Oh!, Alas!
2 あい together, mutually, fellow
3 相変わらず あいかわらず as ever, as usual, the same
4 愛想 あいそ civility, courtesy, compliments, sociability, graces
5 相対 あいたい confrontation, facing, between ourselves, no third party, tete-a-tete
6 間柄 あいだがら relation(ship)
7 愛憎 あいにく likes and dislikes
8 合間 あいま interval
9 曖昧 あいまい vague, ambiguous
10 敢えて あえて dare (to do), challenge (to do)
11 仰ぐ あおぐ to look up (to), to respect, to depend on, to ask for, to seek, to revere, to drink, to take
12 あか dirt, filth
13 亜科 あか suborder, subfamily
14 あかがね copper
15 あかし proof, evidence
16 赤字 あかじ deficit, go in the red
17 明かす あかす to pass, spend, to reveal, to divulge
18 赤ちゃん あかちゃん baby, infant
19 明白 あからさま obvious, overt, plainly, frankly
20 赤らむ あからむ to become red, to redden, to blush
21 明るい あかるい bright, cheerful
22 上がり あがり 1. slope, advance income, crop yield, ascent, rise, advance, death, spinning, completion, stop, finish, after
23 上がる あがる to enter, to go up, to rise, to climb up, to advance, to appreciate, to be promoted, to improve, to call on,
24 商人 あきうど trader, shopkeeper, merchant
25 空間 あきま vacancy, room for rent or lease
26 諦め あきらめ resignation, acceptance, consolation
27 呆れる あきれる to be amazed, to be shocked
28 あく evil, wickedness
29 あく puckery juice
30 あくどい 1. gaudy, showy, excessive, 2. vicious
31 悪日 あくび unlucky day
32 明くる あくる next, following
33 憧れ あこがれ yearning, longing, aspiration
34 あご chin
35 あさ flax, linen, hemp
36 明後日 あさって day after tomorrow
37 朝寝坊 あさねぼう oversleeping, late riser
38 浅ましい あさましい wretched, miserable, shameful, mean, despicable, abject
39 あざ section of village
40 欺く あざむく to deceive
41 鮮やか あざやか vivid, clear, brilliant
42 あざ笑う あざわらう to sneer at, to ridicule
43 味わい あじわい flavour, meaning, significance
44 あずま east, Eastern Japan
45 焦る あせる to be in a hurry, to be impatient
46 彼処 あそこ 1. (uk) there, over there, that place, 2. (X) (col) genitals
47 あたい value, price, cost, worth, merit
48 値する あたいする to be worth, to deserve, to merit
49 あたし I (fem)
50 当たり あたり hit, success, reaching the mark, per …, vicinity, neighborhood
51 当たり前 あたりまえ usual, common, ordinary, natural, reasonable, obvious
52 他人 あだびと another person, unrelated person, outsider, stranger
53 彼方此方 あちこち here and there
54 彼方 あちら 1. there, yonder, that
55 彼方此方 あちらこちら here and there
56 悪化 あっか deterioration, growing worse, aggravation, degeneration, corruption
57 呆気ない あっけない not enough, too quick (short long etc.)
58 悪口 あっこう abuse, insult, slander, evil speaking
59 あっさり easily, readily, quickly
60 圧迫 あっぱく pressure, coercion, oppression
61 扱い あつかい treatment, service
62 集まる あつまる to gather, to collect, to assemble
63 誂える あつらえる to give an order, to place an order
64 圧力 あつりょく stress, pressure
65 当て あて object, aim, end, hopes, expectations
66 あて addressed to
67 当て字 あてじ phonetic-equivalent character, substitute character
68 当てはまる あてはまる to apply (a rule)
69 当てはめる あてはめる to apply, to adapt
70 宛てる あてる to address
71 跡継ぎ あとつぎ heir, successor
72 後回し あとまわし putting off, postponing
73 貴女 あなた you, lady
74 彼の あの that over there
75 溢れる あふれる to flood, to overflow, to brim over
76 油絵 あぶらえ oil painting
77 炙る あぶる to scorch
78 あべこべ contrary, opposite, inverse
79 甘える あまえる to behave like a spoiled child, to fawn on
80 甘口 あまくち sweet flavour, mildness, flattery, stupidity
81 雨具 あまぐ rain gear
82 あまつ heavenly, imperial
83 あみ net, network
84 天地 あめつち heaven and earth, the universe, nature, top and bottom, realm, sphere, world
85 操る あやつる to manipulate, to operate, to pull strings
86 あやふや uncertain, vague, ambiguous
87 危ぶむ あやぶむ to fear, to have misgivings, to be doubtful, to mistrust
88 過ち あやまち fault, error, indiscretion
89 誤る あやまる to make a mistake
90 歩み あゆみ walking
91 歩む あゆむ to walk, to go on foot
92 あら oh, ah, saw-edged perch (Niphon spinosus)
93 予め あらかじめ beforehand, in advance, previously
94 荒らす あらす to lay waste, to devastate, to damage, to invade, to break into
95 粗筋 あらすじ outline, summary
96 争い あらそい dispute, strife, quarrel, dissension, conflict, rivalry, contest
97 改まる あらたまる to be renewed
98 荒っぽい あらっぽい rough, rude
99 凡ゆる あらゆる all, every
100 あられ kind of cookie, cartoon character



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