Từ điển tiếng Nhật : từ vựng N1(1101~1200)

1111 孤独 こどく isolation, loneliness, solitude
1112 粉々 こなごな in very small pieces
1113 此の この this
1114 この間 このあいだ the other day, lately, recently
1115 この頃 このごろ recently
1116 好ましい このましい nice, likeable, desirable
1117 個別 こべつ particular case
1118 零す こぼす to spill
1119 零れる こぼれる to overflow, to spill
1120 細やか こまやか friendly
1121 混む こむ to be crowded
1122 込める こめる to include, to put into
1123 篭る こもる to seclude oneself, to be confined in, to be implied, to be stuffy
1124 固有 こゆう characteristic, tradition, peculiar, inherent, eigen-
1125 雇用 こよう employment (long term), hire
1126 こよみ calendar, almanac
1127 堪える こらえる to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, to be fit for, t
1128 孤立 こりつ isolation, helplessness
1129 懲りる こりる to learn by experience, to be disgusted with
1130 此れ これ this
1131 此れ等 これら these
1132 こん soul, spirit
1133 根気 こんき patience, perseverance, energy
1134 根拠 こんきょ basis, foundation
1135 混血 こんけつ mixed race, mixed parentage
1136 昆虫 こんちゅう insect, bug
1137 根底 こんてい root, basis, foundation
1138 混同 こんどう confusion, mixing, merger
1139 今日は こんにちは hello, good day (daytime greeting id)
1140 今晩は こんばんは good evening
1141 根本 こんぽん origin, source, foundation, root, base, principle
1142 go-, honourable
1143 語彙 ごい vocabulary, glossary
1144 ごう moat
1145 ごう Buddhist karma, actions committed in a former life
1146 ごう number, issue
1147 合意 ごうい agreement, consent, mutual understanding
1148 合議 ごうぎ consultation, conference
1149 強気 ごうぎ great, grand
1150 合成 ごうせい synthesis, composition, synthetic, composite, mixed, combined, compound
1151 護衛 ごえい guard, convoy, escort
1152 語句 ごく words, phrases
1153 極楽 ごくらく paradise
1154 ご苦労様 ごくろうさま Thank you very much for your….
1155 語源 ごげん word root, word derivation, etymology
1156 誤差 ごさ error
1157 ご座います ございます to be (polite), to exist
1158 ご馳走 ごちそう feast, treating (someone)
1159 ご馳走さま ごちそうさま feast
1160 ごと each respectively
1161 碁盤 ごばん Go board
1162 ご無沙汰 ごぶさた not writing or contacting for a while
1163 誤魔化す ごまかす to deceive, to falsify, to misrepresent
1164 御免ください ごめんください May I come in?
1165 御免なさい ごめんなさい I beg your pardon, excuse me
1166 御覧なさい ごらんなさい (please) look, (please) try to do
1167 help
1168 さい re-, again, repeated
1169 差異 さい difference, disparity
1170 さい #NAME?
1171 再会 さいかい another meeting, meeting again, reunion
1172 災害 さいがい calamity, disaster, misfortune
1173 細菌 さいきん bacillus, bacterium, germ
1174 細工 さいく work, craftsmanship, tactics, trick
1175 採掘 さいくつ mining
1176 採決 さいけつ vote, roll call
1177 再建 さいけん rebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation
1178 再現 さいげん reappearance, reproduction, return, revival
1179 採算 さいさん profit
1180 採集 さいしゅう collecting, gathering
1181 再生 さいせい playback, regeneration, resuscitation, return to life, rebirth, reincarnation, narrow escape, reclamation, r
1182 最善 さいぜん the very best
1183 採択 さいたく adoption, selection, choice
1184 再発 さいはつ return, relapse, reoccurrence
1185 栽培 さいばい cultivation
1186 細胞 さいぼう cell (biology)
1187 採用 さいよう use, adopt
1188 遮る さえぎる to interrupt, to intercept, to obstruct
1189 囀る さえずる to sing, to chirp, to twitter
1190 冴える さえる to be clear, to be serene, to be cold, to be skillful
1191 竿 さお rod, pole (e.g. for drying laundry)
1192 栄える さかえる to prosper, to flourish
1193 さかずき wine cups
1194 逆立ち さかだち handstand, headstand
1195 逆上る さかのぼる to go back, to go upstream, to make retroactive
1196 盛る さかる to prosper, to flourish, to copulate (animals)
1197 差額 さがく balance, difference, margin
1198 下がる さがる to hang down, to abate, to retire, to fall, to step back
1199 一昨昨日 さきおととい two days before yesterday
1200 先に さきに before, earlier than, ahead, beyond, away, previously, recently
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