Từ điển tiếng Nhật : từ vựng N1(1201~1300)

1201 詐欺 さぎ fraud, swindle
1202 さく a work, a harvest
1203 さく plan, policy
1204 さく fence, paling
1205 削減 さくげん cut, reduction, curtailment
1206 錯誤 さくご mistake
1207 作戦 さくせん military or naval operations, tactics, strategy
1208 作物 さくぶつ literary work
1209 叫び さけび shout, scream, outcry
1210 裂ける さける to split, to tear, to burst
1211 捧げる ささげる to lift up, to give, to offer, to consecrate, to devote, to sacrifice, to dedicate
1212 差し掛かる さしかかる to come near to, to approach
1213 指図 さしず instruction, mandate
1214 差し出す さしだす to present, to submit, to tender, to hold out
1215 差し支える さしつかえる to interfere, to hinder, to become impeded
1216 差し引く さしひく to deduct
1217 些事 さじ something small or petty, trifle
1218 授ける さずける to grant, to award, to teach
1219 さぞ I am sure, certainly, no doubt
1220 定まる さだまる to become settled, to be fixed
1221 定める さだめる to decide, to establish, to determine
1222 錯覚 さっかく optical illusion, hallucination
1223 早急 さっきゅう urgent
1224 察する さっする to guess, to sense, to presume, to judge, to sympathize with
1225 さっと quickly, suddenly
1226 さつ counter for books
1227 殺人 さつじん murder
1228 さて well, now, then
1229 悟る さとる to attain enlightenment, to perceive, to understand, to discern
1230 真実 さな truth, reality
1231 裁く さばく to judge
1232 錆び さび rust (colour)
1233 左程 さほど (not) very, (not) much
1234 さま Mr. or Mrs., manner, kind, appearance
1235 三味線 さみせん three-stringed Japanese guitar, shamisen
1236 さむらい Samurai, warrior
1237 然も さも with gusto, with satisfaction
1238 作用 さよう action, operation, effect, function
1239 左様なら さようなら good-bye
1240 拐う さらう to carry off, to run away with, to kidnap, to abduct
1241 爽やか さわやか fresh, refreshing, invigorating, clear, fluent, eloquent
1242 障る さわる to hinder, to interfere with, to affect, to do one harm, to be harmful to
1243 さん acid
1244 さん Mr or Mrs
1245 酸化 さんか oxidation
1246 山岳 さんがく mountains
1247 産休 さんきゅう maternity leave
1248 桟橋 さんきょう wharf, bridge, jetty, pier
1249 参議院 さんぎいん House of Councillors
1250 産後 さんご postpartum, after childbirth
1251 産出 さんしゅつ yield, produce
1252 参照 さんしょう reference, consultation, consultation
1253 参上 さんじょう calling on, visiting
1254 賛成 さんせい approval, agreement, support, favour
1255 賛美 さんび praise, adoration, glorification
1256 産婦人科 さんふじんか maternity and gynecology department
1257 産物 さんぶつ product, result, fruit
1258 山腹 さんぷく hillside, mountainside
1259 山脈 さんみゃく mountain range
1260 ざい fortune, riches
1261 財源 ざいげん source of funds, resources, finances
1262 在庫 ざいこ stockpile, stock
1263 財政 ざいせい economy, financial affairs
1264 座談会 ざだんかい symposium, round-table discussion
1265 雑貨 ざっか miscellaneous goods, general goods, sundries
1266 ざつ rough, crude
1267 雑談 ざつだん chatting, idle talk
1268 雑木 ざつぼく various kinds of small trees, assorted trees
1269 座標 ざひょう coordinate(s)
1270 残金 ざんきん remaining money
1271 残酷 ざんこく cruelty, harshness
1272 残高 ざんだか (bank) balance, remainder
1273 death, decease
1274 10^24 (kanji is JIS X 0212 kuten 4906), septillion (American), quadrillion (British)
1275 order, sequence, times, next, below
1276 仕上がり しあがり finish, end, completion
1277 仕上げ しあげ end, finishing touches, being finished
1278 仕上げる しあげる to finish up, to complete
1279 明々後日 しあさって two days after tomorrow
1280 飼育 しいく breeding, raising, rearing
1281 強いて しいて by force
1282 強いる しいる to force, to compel, to coerce
1283 仕入れる しいれる to lay in stock, to replenish stock, to procure
1284 しいんと silent (as the grave), (deathly) quiet
1285 歯科 しか dentistry
1286 資格 しかく qualifications, requirements, capabilities
1287 視覚 しかく sense of sight, vision
1288 仕掛け しかけ device, trick, mechanism, gadget, (small) scale, half finished, commencement, set up, challenge
1289 仕掛ける しかける to commence, to lay (mines), to set (traps), to wage (war), to challenge
1290 然し しかし however, but
1291 然しながら しかしながら nevertheless, however
1292 而も しかも moreover, furthermore, nevertheless, and yet
1293 市街 しがい urban areas, the streets, town, city
1294 指揮 しき command, direction
1295 色彩 しきさい colour, hue, tints
1296 式場 しきじょう ceremonial hall, place of ceremony (e.g. marriage)
1297 為来り しきたり customs
1298 頻りに しきりに frequently, repeatedly, incessantly, eagerly
1299 仕切る しきる to partition, to divide, to mark off, to settle accounts, to toe the mark
1300 資金 しきん funds, capital
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