Từ điển tiếng Nhật : từ vựng N1(201~200)

201 何時 いつ when, how soon
202 何時か いつか sometime, someday, one day, some time or other, the other day, in due course, in time
203 何時でも いつでも (at) any time, always, at all times, never (neg), whenever
204 何時の間にか いつのまにか before one knows, unnoticed, unawares
205 何時までも いつまでも forever, for good, eternally, as long as one likes, indefinitely
206 何時も いつも always, usually, every time, never (with neg. verb)
207 意図 いと intention, aim, design
208 営む いとなむ to carry on (e.g. in ceremony), to run a business
209 いとま free time, leisure, leave, spare time, farewell
210 異動 いどう a change
211 挑む いどむ to challenge, to contend for, to make love to
212 稲光 いなびかり (flash of) lightning
213 いにしえ antiquity, ancient times
214 祈り いのり prayer, supplication
215 いびき snoring
216 今更 いまさら now, at this late hour
217 未だ いまだ as yet, hitherto, not yet (neg)
218 移民 いみん emigration, immigration, emigrant, immigrant
219 厭々 いやいや unwillingly, grudgingly, shaking head in refusal (to children)
220 卑しい いやしい greedy, vulgar, shabby, humble, base, mean, vile
221 いやに awfully, terribly
222 厭やらしい いやらしい detestable, disagreeable
223 愈々 いよいよ more and more, all the more, increasingly, at last, beyond doubt
224 意欲 いよく will, desire, ambition
225 苛々 いらいら getting nervous, irritation
226 入口 いりくち entrance, gate, approach, mouth
227 衣料 いりょう clothing
228 威力 いりょく power, might, authority, influence
229 入る いる to get in, to go in, to come in, to flow into, to set, to set in
230 衣類 いるい clothes, clothing, garments
231 色々 いろいろ various
232 異論 いろん different opinion, objection
233 所謂 いわゆる the so-called, so to speak
234 いん seal, stamp, mark, print
235 いん member
236 印鑑 いんかん stamp, seal
237 陰気 いんき gloom, melancholy
238 隠居 いんきょ retirement, retired person
239 上下 うえした high and low, up and down, unloading and loading, praising and blaming
240 浮かぶ うかぶ to float, to rise to surface, to come to mind
241 受かる うかる to pass (examination)
242 含嗽 うがい gargle, rinse mouth
243 受け入れ うけいれ receiving, acceptance
244 受け入れる うけいれる to accept, to receive
245 受け継ぐ うけつぐ to inherit, to succeed, to take over
246 受け付ける うけつける to be accepted, to receive (an application)
247 受け止める うけとめる to catch, to stop the blow, to react to, to take
248 受け取り うけとり receipt
249 受身 うけみ passive, passive voice
250 動き うごき movement, activity, trend, development, change
251 うしお tide
252 うじ family name
253 うず swirl
254 埋まる うずまる to be buried, to be surrounded, to overflow, to be filled
255 嘘つき うそつき liar (sometimes said with not much seriousness), fibber
256 打ち合わせ うちあわせ business meeting, previous arrangement, appointment
257 打ち合わせる うちあわせる to knock together, to arrange
258 打ち切る うちきる to stop, to abort, to discontinue, to close
259 打ち消し うちけし negation, denial, negative
260 打ち込む うちこむ to drive in (e.g. nail stake), to devote oneself to, to shoot into, to smash, to throw into, to cast int
261 団扇 うちわ fan
262 内訳 うちわけ the items, breakdown, classification
263 訴え うったえ lawsuit, complaint
264 鬱陶しい うっとうしい gloomy, depressing
265 写し うつし copy, duplicate, facsimile, transcript
266 空ろ うつろ blank, cavity, hollow, empty (space)
267 うつわ bowl, vessel, container
268 雨天 うてん rainy weather
269 腕前 うでまえ ability, skill, facility
270 饂飩 うどん noodles (Japanese)
271 促す うながす to urge, to press, to suggest, to demand, to stimulate, to quicken, to incite, to invite (attention to)
272 唸る うなる to groan, to moan, to roar, to howl, to growl, to hum, to buzz, to sough
273 自惚れ うぬぼれ pretension, conceit, hubris
274 甘い うまい delicious
275 生まれつき うまれつき by nature, by birth, native
276 海路 うみじ sea route
277 産む うむ to give birth, to deliver, to produce
278 埋め込む うめこむ to bury
279 梅干 うめぼし dried plum
280 うら top end, tip
281 裏返し うらがえし inside out, upside down
282 売り出し うりだし (bargain) sale
283 売り出す うりだす to put on sale, to market, to become popular
284 潤う うるおう to be moist, to be damp, to get wet, to profit by, to be watered, to receive benefits, to favor, to charm, t
285 五月蝿い うるさい noisy, loud, fussy
286 売れ行き うれゆき sales
287 浮気 うわき flighty, fickle, wanton, unfaithful
288 上手 うわて 1. upper part, upper stream, left side (of a stage), 2. skillful (only in comparisons), dexterity (on
289 上回る うわまわる to exceed
290 植わる うわる to be planted
291 運営 うんえい management, administration, operation
292 うんざり tedious, boring, being fed up with
293 運送 うんそう shipping, marine transportation
294 運賃 うんちん freight rates, shipping expenses, fare
295 云々 うんぬん and so on, and so forth, comment
296 運搬 うんぱん transport, carriage
297 運命 うんめい fate
298 運輸 うんゆ transportation
299 運用 うんよう making use of, application, investment, practical use
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