Từ điển tiếng Nhật : từ vựng N1(901~1000)

901 軍事 ぐんじ military affairs
902 軍備 ぐんび armaments, military preparations
903 軍服 ぐんぷく military or naval uniform
904 けい penalty, sentence, punishment
905 けい time, about, toward, approximately (time)
906 けい lean, incline
907 けい system, lineage, group
908 経過 けいか passage, expiration, progress
909 軽快 けいかい rhythmical (e.g. melody), casual (e.g. dress), light, nimble
910 警戒 けいかい warning, admonition, vigilance
911 計器 けいき meter, gauge
912 契機 けいき opportunity, chance
913 敬具 けいぐ Sincerely yours
914 軽減 けいげん abatement
915 掲載 けいさい appearance (e.g. article in paper)
916 傾斜 けいしゃ inclination, slant, slope, bevel, list, dip
917 形成 けいせい formation
918 形勢 けいせい condition, situation, prospects
919 軽率 けいそつ rash, thoughtless, careless, hasty
920 携帯 けいたい carrying something
921 形態 けいたい form, shape, figure
922 刑罰 けいばつ judgement, penalty, punishment
923 経費 けいひ expenses, cost, outlay
924 警部 けいぶ police inspector
925 軽蔑 けいべつ scorn, disdain
926 経歴 けいれき personal history, career
927 経路 けいろ course, route, channel
928 汚す けがす to disgrace, to dishonour
929 汚らわしい けがらわしい filthy, unfair
930 汚れ けがれ uncleanness, impurity, disgrace
931 汚れる けがれる to get dirty, to become dirty
932 けだもの beast, brute
933 吝嗇 けち stinginess, miser, miserliness, skinflint, tightwad, niggard, pinching pennies
934 結核 けっかく tuberculosis, tubercule
935 血管 けっかん blood vessel
936 決行 けっこう doing (with resolve), carrying out (i.e. a plan)
937 決算 けっさん balance sheet, settlement of accounts
938 決勝 けっしょう decision of a contest, finals (in sports)
939 結晶 けっしょう crystal, crystallization
940 結成 けっせい formation
941 結束 けっそく union, unity
942 けつ excellence
943 決意 けつい decision, determination
944 決議 けつぎ resolution, vote, decision
945 結合 けつごう combination, union
946 決断 けつだん decision, determination
947 欠乏 けつぼう want, shortage, famine
948 蹴飛ばす けとばす to kick away, to kick off, to kick (someone), to refuse, to reject
949 貶す けなす to speak ill of
950 煙たい けむたい smoky, feeling awkward
951 煙る けむる to smoke (e.g. fire)
952 家来 けらい retainer, retinue, servant
953 けれど but, however
954 けん sphere, circle, range
955 けん authority, the right (to do something)
956 権威 けんい authority, power, influence
957 兼業 けんぎょう side line, second business
958 権限 けんげん power, authority, jurisdiction
959 健在 けんざい in good health, well
960 懸賞 けんしょう offering prizes, winning, reward
961 検事 けんじ public prosecutor
962 健全 けんぜん health, soundness, wholesome
963 見地 けんち point of view
964 賢明 けんめい wisdom, intelligence, prudence
965 倹約 けんやく thrift, economy, frugality
966 兼用 けんよう multi-use, combined use, combination, serving two purposes
967 権力 けんりょく power, authority, influence
968 劇団 げきだん troupe, theatrical company
969 激励 げきれい encouragement
970 月謝 げっしゃ monthly tuition fee
971 げっそり being disheartened, losing weight
972 月賦 げっぷ monthly installment
973 下痢 げり diarrhoea
974 げん original, primitive, primary, fundamental, raw
975 原形 げんけい original form, base form
976 現行 げんこう present, current, in operation
977 原作 げんさく original work
978 原子 げんし atom
979 元首 げんしゅ ruler, sovereign
980 原書 げんしょ original document
981 減少 げんしょう decrease, reduction, decline
982 現場 げんじょう actual spot, scene, scene of the crime
983 元素 げんそ chemical element
984 原則 げんそく principle, general rule
985 現像 げんぞう developing (film)
986 現地 げんち actual place, local
987 限定 げんてい limit, restriction
988 原点 げんてん origin (coordinates), starting point
989 原典 げんてん original (text)
990 減点 げんてん subtract, give a demerit
991 原爆 げんばく atomic bomb
992 原文 げんぶん the text, original
993 厳密 げんみつ strict, close
994 原油 げんゆ crude oil
995 言論 げんろん discussion
996 the late (deceased)
997 counter for houses
998 child, the young of animals
999 big, large, great
1000 恋する こいする to fall in love with, to love
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