Học qua video “Bài kinh con chuột”

Bài kinh con chuột: ネズミ経 (ねずみきょう)


おばあさんは、たいへん仏(ほとけ)さまを大事(だいじ)にしていましたので、毎日毎晩(まいばん)、仏(ぶつ)だんの前で手を合わせましたが、 お経(きょう)のことばを知りません。





The Mouse Sutra

Long, long ago in a certain place there was a very faithful woman. This womon couldn’t read at all, so she didn’t know any sutras. She wanted to have someone teach her, but there was no one who would.

One night a traveller came and asked if he could spend the night. At first she refused him, but she was happy to take him in when he said he would teach her a sutra.

But the truth was that the man didn’t know any sutras. He realized that he was in a fix, but he was still reluctant to say that he didn’t know any. As the time approached that he would have to start teaching, he gazed at the ceiling, wondering what to do. Then he saw a mouse poke its head through a hole in the ceiling, and he heard the rustling sound of steps up there.

Suddenly the traveller had an idea, and began “Om, rustle rustle.”

The mouse ducked into the hole, then came out again, so the traveller said, “Again rustle rustle.”

The mouse peeked into the hole, and then a second mouse came out and they both peeked into the hole. The traveller intoned, “Hole peeking by two mice.”

Then the two mice faced each other as though they were conversing. The man chanted, “Something or other, mutter mutter, thus it is spoken.” He ended the sutra with that.

The old woman thought that was a very useful sutra, so every day she would repeatedly intone it.

“Om rustle rustle.
Again rustle rustle.
Hole peeking by two mice.
Something or other, mutter mutter, thus it is spoken.”

One night two thieves set their sights on the old woman’s house. The first thief crept in with a little rustling noise just as the old woman began her sutra, “Om, rustle rustle.”

When he heard that, the thief was very surprised, and stopped still. Then he withdrew with a slight rustle.

That was just as the old woman intoned the next line of her sutra, “Again rustle rustle.”

The thief signaled to his comrade, and they both peeked through knotholes in the rain shutters just as the old woman got to the “Hole peeking by two mice” line of the sutra.

The thief whispered, “This is no good– we can’t pull a job tonight.”

Then the old woman finished her sutra with “Something or other, mutter mutter, thus it is spoken.”

The two thieves where thoroughly frightened, and escaped as fast as they could.

Bài kinh con chuột

Ngày xửa ngày xưa, có một bà lão sống ở ngôi làng ở ngoại ô. Bà là người rất sùng Phật, dù ngày và đêm đều chắp tay lạy trước tượng Phật, nhưng bà lại không biết bài kinh gì để tụng cả bà rất muốn dc học bài kinh nào đó. Một hôm, có một vị tu sĩ đi ngang xin tá túc 1 đêm, bà rất mừng rỡ đón tiếp ân cần và có ý nhờ vị tu sĩ chỉ dạy 1 bài kinh. Vị tu sĩ khá bối rối vì ông lười biếng quá nên không học bài kinh nào cả, nhưng trước sự mong chờ của bà cụ ông đành ngồi trước tượng Phật chắp tay suy nghĩ lung tung thì bỗng có con chuột đi ra, ông liền đọc chế theo dạng cách đọc kinh.

Đọc xong bài kinh tự chế ông liền rung chuông kết thúc rồi sáng sau từ biệt bà lão ra đi. Bà rất vui mừng sáng tối đều tụng bài kinh đó.
một hôm có 3 tên trộm tính lẻn vào nhà bà cụ, bỗng chúng nghe bà cụ đọc bài kinh chế của ông tu sĩ. Bọn chúng chột dạ sợ hãi bỏ chạy tưởng bà cụ biết việc chúng định làm…

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