Từ điển tiếng Nhật : từ vựng N1(901~1000)

901軍事ぐんじmilitary affairs
902軍備ぐんびarmaments, military preparations
903軍服ぐんぷくmilitary or naval uniform
904けいpenalty, sentence, punishment
905けいtime, about, toward, approximately (time)
906けいlean, incline
907けいsystem, lineage, group
908経過けいかpassage, expiration, progress
909軽快けいかいrhythmical (e.g. melody), casual (e.g. dress), light, nimble
910警戒けいかいwarning, admonition, vigilance
911計器けいきmeter, gauge
912契機けいきopportunity, chance
913敬具けいぐSincerely yours
915掲載けいさいappearance (e.g. article in paper)
916傾斜けいしゃinclination, slant, slope, bevel, list, dip
918形勢けいせいcondition, situation, prospects
919軽率けいそつrash, thoughtless, careless, hasty
920携帯けいたいcarrying something
921形態けいたいform, shape, figure
922刑罰けいばつjudgement, penalty, punishment
923経費けいひexpenses, cost, outlay
924警部けいぶpolice inspector
925軽蔑けいべつscorn, disdain
926経歴けいれきpersonal history, career
927経路けいろcourse, route, channel
928汚すけがすto disgrace, to dishonour
929汚らわしいけがらわしいfilthy, unfair
930汚れけがれuncleanness, impurity, disgrace
931汚れるけがれるto get dirty, to become dirty
932けだものbeast, brute
933吝嗇けちstinginess, miser, miserliness, skinflint, tightwad, niggard, pinching pennies
934結核けっかくtuberculosis, tubercule
935血管けっかんblood vessel
936決行けっこうdoing (with resolve), carrying out (i.e. a plan)
937決算けっさんbalance sheet, settlement of accounts
938決勝けっしょうdecision of a contest, finals (in sports)
939結晶けっしょうcrystal, crystallization
941結束けっそくunion, unity
943決意けついdecision, determination
944決議けつぎresolution, vote, decision
945結合けつごうcombination, union
946決断けつだんdecision, determination
947欠乏けつぼうwant, shortage, famine
948蹴飛ばすけとばすto kick away, to kick off, to kick (someone), to refuse, to reject
949貶すけなすto speak ill of
950煙たいけむたいsmoky, feeling awkward
951煙るけむるto smoke (e.g. fire)
952家来けらいretainer, retinue, servant
953けれどbut, however
954けんsphere, circle, range
955けんauthority, the right (to do something)
956権威けんいauthority, power, influence
957兼業けんぎょうside line, second business
958権限けんげんpower, authority, jurisdiction
959健在けんざいin good health, well
960懸賞けんしょうoffering prizes, winning, reward
961検事けんじpublic prosecutor
962健全けんぜんhealth, soundness, wholesome
963見地けんちpoint of view
964賢明けんめいwisdom, intelligence, prudence
965倹約けんやくthrift, economy, frugality
966兼用けんようmulti-use, combined use, combination, serving two purposes
967権力けんりょくpower, authority, influence
968劇団げきだんtroupe, theatrical company
970月謝げっしゃmonthly tuition fee
971げっそりbeing disheartened, losing weight
972月賦げっぷmonthly installment
974げんoriginal, primitive, primary, fundamental, raw
975原形げんけいoriginal form, base form
976現行げんこうpresent, current, in operation
977原作げんさくoriginal work
979元首げんしゅruler, sovereign
980原書げんしょoriginal document
981減少げんしょうdecrease, reduction, decline
982現場げんじょうactual spot, scene, scene of the crime
983元素げんそchemical element
984原則げんそくprinciple, general rule
985現像げんぞうdeveloping (film)
986現地げんちactual place, local
987限定げんていlimit, restriction
988原点げんてんorigin (coordinates), starting point
989原典げんてんoriginal (text)
990減点げんてんsubtract, give a demerit
991原爆げんばくatomic bomb
992原文げんぶんthe text, original
993厳密げんみつstrict, close
994原油げんゆcrude oil
996the late (deceased)
997counter for houses
998child, the young of animals
999big, large, great
1000恋するこいするto fall in love with, to love

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