Yêu cầu trả tiền tiếng Nhật

Yêu cầu trả tiền tiếng Nhật

しはらいようきゅう 「支払い要求」
[demand for payment, request for payment]

Tổng hợp từ vựng chuyên ngành: 


demand deposit

預金者の請求に応じてただちに払戻される預金の総称で,出納預金,通貨性預金とも呼ばれる。代表的なものは当座預金,普通預金であるが,納税準備預金,別段預金,通知預金もこれに含める。なおこのうち企業などが営業上の支出のために預け入れるものを営業性預金といい,個人が所得を消費するまで預け入れておくものを所得預金 (消費預金) という。


Since one unique value is added to one-time payment, the billing corresponding to that payment can be presented, as required.
When bill data issued from an electronic bill issue center 100 are once kept in a portable terminal 120 carried by a user and presented in a store system 130, the user pays the claimed price after confirmation of validity of the bill data in the store system 130, and, on condition of the payment, coupon data attached to the bill data can be used. – 特許庁

When the EC site management server 2 receives the payment method presentation request, a merchandise ID and the digital money data, it determines if payment of the merchandise can be made with the received digital money data, generates payment method presentation page data 51 that is presented with available payment methods including the result of the determination, and sends it to the mobile phone 3.



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